“No Excuse”

            Have we become a society set on blaming everyone else for OUR wrong thinking, decisions, and  actions? More often than not, it seems that we are heading rapidly in that direction, at mach speed. We make EXCUSES for everything we do which casts an unfavorable light on those thoughts, decisions, and actions. Excuses revolve around US. We constantly justify ourselves before others. I guess we inherited that from our ancestry. You might remember the story from the Bible of how God created a woman for the man – so far, so good. BUT, once the woman slipped up and led the man in the wrong direction, he was quick to throw her under the bus. “The woman You gave to me” (Genesis 3:12) was the swift EXCUSE the man offered to God for his wrong decision and lack of leadership.

            It is interesting to see where the story goes from there. Once the woman was questioned, her retort was to claim she was deceived. (Genesis 3:13) Yes, she was deceived, but she wanted to be deceived…she wanted to be as wise as God. At that moment, it was easier to believe the lie than to question the reality of the truth.

What on earth sent me in this direction? Today, May 26, 2021, at 0615 a lunar eclipse was occurring where I live in Florida. Watching the eclipse, I was drawn to the majesty of the Creator-Designer of this wonderful place we live in called earth. Unfortunately, many living on this planet might say that all the wonders of the universe originated from nothing…SLOWLY over millions of years…or maybe SUDDENLY from some Big Bang. Odd that a book such as the Bible is discounted when considering the origins of the universe. People love to explicate their reasons for not believing the truth of what the Bible has to say. Like the woman, it is easier to believe the lie than to question the reality of the truth.

The Bible’s explanations are really very concise – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. (Genesis 1:1) Interesting, God has a response to those who claim there is no God – He labels it “suppressing the truth”. (Romans 1:18) The critique of God’s truth continues, explaining that “they have exchanged the truth of God for a lie”. (Romans 1:25) From there, everything goes from bad to worse.

Rather than continuing on that down-hill trek, why not consider the truth? Consider the claims of what the Bible has to say directly to you. “You are a sinner” – that is the bad news part of the Bible. (Romans 3:23)

In fact, the bad news continues, the condemnation of that statement includes death – eternal and forever to be redundant. But, consider the good news part, your death sentence can easily be resolved by simply accepting the FREE GIFT God offers you. That  free gift is eternal – forever life with Him, and it is as simple as “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved”. (Acts 16:31)

Place your faith – your trust – in the only Person who can extricate you from the clutches of the lie offered by the world. There is NO EXCUSE for heading in the wrong direction! If you persist in the that direction, you will have no one to blame but yourself! But, if you feel that is the best path for you, when (not if) you see God face-to-face – what will your EXCUSE be for turning down His free offer?

Truth is – there is NO EXCUSE!

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