Welcome to my BLOG!

This is new for me. A good friend suggested a blog to speak about the things on my mind – to speak of PERSPECTIVE. My name is Bob. When my mother wanted my IMMEDIATE attention I was Robert William. I’ve done school (lots of it), traveled, US Air Force, food industry, insurance agent, and a touch of technology. Most of my life was spent in cooler states (New Jersey and New England), now I reside in the warm state of Florida.

Perspective, like context, affects how life is understood. What problem solving devices help you through the difficult times? Perspective must be cultivated – it does not come automatically. Perspective begins with the proper understanding of truth in an environment of freedom.

As truth and freedom become tarnished, so does perspective. It is a sad commentary on life in these United States that so many have exchanged the truth of God for a lie (Rom. 1:25).