“Money” – A Case Study – Part II: A Story of Contrast

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History has recorded many interesting stories about people blessed with prosperity and the priority it becomes in their lives. Most often prosperity is a distraction to matters of eternal significance. Part II: A Story of Contrast – looks into the lives of two individuals: one rich having no thoughts of eternity only his wealth, and the other poor having no material possessions but securely prepared for eternity. This is NOT so much a story of rich and poor as it is a message to stir your thoughts regarding eternity values. Likewise, this story is not meant to convey that rich people go to hell while poor go to heaven – that is never the case. The important message here is to not let riches or poverty become a distraction to proper planning and decisions related to eternity.

The account here[1] records the life of a certain rich man, an elite member of society you might say.  He prided himself on his many possessions and his self-worth, the affluence that he worked long and hard to achieve. I’m sure he would always look good in his Armani suits, flaunting his wealth as he exited his compound to assume his daily routine. His entourage, I’ll bet, always looked up-beat as they ushered him to his waiting fans and other “important people”.

Outside his gate though was a poor man, one with noticeable sores throughout his body wearing tattered clothes he had cobbled together with the help of some friends who delivered him regularly to the gated entry. Maybe today, he thought, some scraps of food might come his way. Perhaps some meager excesses might fall in his direction. At times it seemed like only the local dogs were his friends, licking his wounds while competing with him for the left-overs. Many viewed this poor man as a deplorable, a drag on society and one who may very well be spreading germs to the neighborhood.

The day came when both men passed into eternity, one to eternal agony and the other to the presence of the LORD and the most pleasant surroundings one can imagine. What irony that the one who once had everything now had only agony and the other had eternal bliss. The roles of these two had now been reversed. While alive, the rich man gave no thought to eternity matters only his daily routine of wealth, riches, and self-importance. The poor man, on the other hand, had secured what was most important, a life that included the LORD for all eternity.

The text of scripture indicates that the formerly rich man was able to see the once poor man as he reclined in Paradise. “A little help” was an expression I remember from my younger days when I wanted someone at a distance from me to help out. It was now the rich man who was asking for a little help – a little bit of water to be placed on his tongue to give him relief from the painful flames. Interesting that it was the rich man who was desiring good things from the poor man.

More details are presented in the text, suffice it to say, this short writing lays out the contrast of the two lives. That same decision belongs to you too. How will you decide on eternal matters? Will you be so enamored with life that eternal matters get pushed aside? Maybe, cross that bridge when you come to it? Better get there before the bridge is out! Fact is, in a brief moment of time you can change your eternal destiny from hell to heaven.

Here comes the small but essential print:

Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…” Acts 16:31 And guess what? Your family can also take advantage of this free offer.

“…Man looks at the outer appearance, God looks at the heart[2]

[1] This Biblical story is presented in Luke 16:19-31.

[2] 1 Samuel 16:7

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