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“The Book of Life”

Bob DickSep 23, 2021

Fast forward just over a thousand years. Picture what is going on, the imagery is shocking. The horror is chilling and yet Hollywood makes light of the event. It is an event! It is far from a “Coming Attraction”. There is nothing attractive about the final judgment by Jesus Christ on all those who believe…

“The Deceiver”

Bob DickSep 9, 2021

            The Deceiver is the term I use throughout this paper to describe the attitude and actions of a Biblical creature known as Satan or the devil. He is hard at work in the world today as I will explain. The bad news is that he has a third of the angelic community under his…


Bob DickSep 3, 2021

A closer look at the interaction between God, man, and the serpent documented in Genesis 2-3. This is strictly a paraphrase meant to communicate the reality of what actually occurred when man was deceived into thinking he could live without God. God: You have freedom to eat from ANY tree here in the garden, but…


Bob DickAug 29, 2021

We hear a lot about abuse these days. With hard times and difficult challenges come new forms of abuse to fulfill the agenda of those who act like they are in charge. Just a few weeks ago I heard the suggestion that [certain] people should be cut off from grocery stores and banks [1] just…


Bob DickAug 22, 2021

Ac*count*abil*i*ty: the fact of being responsible for what you do and able to give a satisfactory reason for it…[1] especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. [2]               Throughout life we are called to account for our decisions and our actions. Maybe while growing up we were asked,…

“The Only JAB that Counts”

Bob DickAug 5, 2021

What is your perspective?   While much attention is focused in the “here and now” regarding the vaccine (a.k.a. The JAB), most people fail to consider the perspective that beyond life comes death (duh). The Bible speaks of truth when it addresses matters of life and death – much of today’s narratives avoid the truth…


Bob DickJul 28, 2021

Just what is righteousness? Recently I listened to a Hollywood figure speak about his need to be righteous because God was watching him and he does not want to offend God. He needs to “straighten up if he is going to be a vessel for God”, he needs to be “cleaner than he was”… he…

“Money” – A Case Study – Part III: Prosperity and Arrogance.

Bob DickJul 27, 2021

Be sure to check out “Money-Money-Money” dated July 16, 2021. History has recorded many interesting stories about people in leadership roles and how prosperity influenced their lives. Part III: Prosperity and Arrogance describes leaders whose wealth went to their heads. Just because you have wealth does not mean you have wisdom. All too often arrogance…

“Money” – A Case Study – Part II: A Story of Contrast

Bob DickJul 23, 2021

Be sure to check out “Money-Money-Money” dated July 16, 2021. History has recorded many interesting stories about people blessed with prosperity and the priority it becomes in their lives. Most often prosperity is a distraction to matters of eternal significance. Part II: A Story of Contrast – looks into the lives of two individuals: one…

“Money” – A Case Study – Part I: Greed

Bob DickJul 22, 2021

Be sure to check out “Money-Money-Money” dated July 16, 2021. History has recorded many interesting stories about people and how they handle prosperity when it comes their way. All too often prosperity destroys people and nations when they fail to handle riches with humility. Part I: Greed – looks initially at a dispute over an…