We hear a lot about abuse these days. With hard times and difficult challenges come new forms of abuse to fulfill the agenda of those who act like they are in charge. Just a few weeks ago I heard the suggestion that [certain] people should be cut off from grocery stores and banks [1] just because they have not bowed the knee to the elite. Wow. That is pretty severe. Abuse comes in many forms. Thank you to reachma.org for this basic outline of abuse types. [2] Physical abuse “…can include punching, hitting, slapping…or other physical restraint…” Verbal and emotional abuse where “words [become] weapons; like shards of glass”. Mental and psychological abuse where seemingly insignificant actions are used to wear away at the victim who can easily become isolated and feel alone/detached. Financial and economic abuse loves to victimize just to show the power to control. Cultural and identity abuse targets areas the abuser just doesn’t like – clothed in verbal slurs or threatening comments, maybe spit upon, or punched/pushed/slapped. Abuser’s delight in communicating how much better they are than you. Bigger house, bigger paycheck, bigger following and such. Anything to put pressure on the victim while emphasizing their power and loftiness over you – the abused.

Let’s consider some history on the matter of abuse. Think of the numerous ways in which the Lord Jesus Christ was abused during His mission on this earth to redeem mankind from the ravages caused by sin leading to abuse. Let’s look together at some historical accounts of this man, Jesus Christ, and what He had to endure in what we call ABUSE.

As a Child, Jesus Christ was targeted by political leadership for extermination.

Truth be told, this Child arrived on this earth with the prospect of assuming a predetermined leadership role and the incumbent felt threatened in the process. Not only was Jesus Christ singled out for execution but in order to achieve that purpose anyone even remotely thought to fill those shoes was executed. [3]

Get in their way and they kill you!

Jesus Christ endured His own form of Special Operations Training beginning with over a month of no food followed by the most intense psychological warfare imaginable to mankind. [4] This abuse was conducted, not by a friendly training instructor, but by the hateful/deadly enemy himself. If at any point during His interrogation He rose up against His adversary He would have forfeited His mission completely. He stayed the course – He finished His work!

He spoke of peace yet He was a constant target for abuse.

In Matthew 12 – 

  • His followers, that the local leaders just didn’t like, were accused of violating some man-made rules and regulations (vs. 2).
  • He, Himself was accused by political leaders who conspired to destroy Him (v. 14).
  • Later He was slandered and accused of using demonic powers (v. 24).

In Matthew 15 –

Career politicians had their way of doing things…

when Jesus Christ violated their “traditions” He was criticized. [5]

In Matthew 20 –

                        Jesus Christ was wrongfully accused by the local labor syndicate of unfair practices. [6]

The life of Jesus Christ on this earth was the story of constant abuse. Often, He was tested, insulted, and singled out for entrapment (Matthew 22:15). [7] His authority was constantly questioned with intimidation and ridicule (Matthew 21:23). At one point He was heckled about tax evasion (Matthew 17:24).

Even those closely associated with Him betrayed Him and close friends turned their backs on Him at a most critical time. [8]

If all that was not bad enough, consider His legal abuse.

All the protocols related to a proper handling of legal proceedings were violated including the timing of trials, the absence of witnesses, the speed of condemnation and sentencing all contributed to judicial abuse!

Physically, Jesus Christ was…

            Scourged (Matthew 27:26)

            Publicly stripped (Matthew 27:28)

            Assaulted with a ring of thorns jammed into His head (Matthew 27:29)

            Spit on (Matthew 27:30)

Emotionally, Jesus Christ was…

            Mocked and ridiculed (Matthew 27:31)

            Abused by mobs who hurled insults at Him (Matthew 27:39)

            Laughed at and told, “save Yourself” (Matthew 27:42)

Slander, derision, and taunting accompanied Jesus Christ to the cross where He would pay the penalty for sin – the root cause for all abuse.

Evidence was ignored and majority rule prevailed shouting – “CRUCIFY HIM”.

The bookends in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, was abuse!

Jesus Christ was not here on this earth for His own interests, but to accomplish salvation for all who would receive the FREE GIFT that is now offered.

He did this for YOU!

Luke 19:10  For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

Joh 3:16  For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

[1] Organizational and institutional abuse.

[2] 6 Different Types of Abuse – REACH (reachma.org) accessed 8/27/2021

[3] Matthew 2:16-18

[4] Matthew 4:2-10

[5] Interesting – it was a hand washing event that caught their attention. Perhaps He also violated the social distancing rule too. Matthew 15:2

[6] That unfair practice was using His money as He saw fit. Imagine that!

[7] See also Mark 12:13 and Luke 20:20-26

[8] Matthew 26:47-48, 69

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  1. Excellent! Question: In John 3:16, who is”him”? As you & I have discussed, believe God determines whom has eternal life. This would include Jews & Muslims who have acted according to God’s will.

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